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This bill was last introduced in the 16th Assembly, 2nd Session, which ended in October 2008.



This bill has received Commissioner's Assent and is now law, but may not yet be in force.


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  • June 19, 2008 Passed Mahsi, Mr. Speaker. I move, seconded by the honourable Member for Range Lake, that Bill 6, An Act to Amend the Residential Tenancies Act, be read for the third time.
  • Feb. 19, 2008 Passed I move, seconded by the Hon. Member for Sahtu, that Bill 6, An Act to Amend the Residential Tenancy Act, be read for the second time. Mr. Speaker, this bill includes a number of amendments to update the Residential Tenancy Act and to streamline the application and hearing process, including amendments that would: 1) allow a landlord to require a pet security deposit from a tenant who keeps or plans to keep a pet on a rental premises; 2) require landlords to conduct inspection of rental premises at the beginning and end of tenancy and provide opportunities for tenants to participate; 3) allow interest rates on security deposits and pet security deposits to be set in the regulations; 4) limit the rental officer’s discretion to terminate a fixed-term tenancy before the end of the term in circumstances where the tenant has not breached obligations under the agreement; 5) provide the rental officer with the discretion to determine whether to mediate or proceed directly to a hearing when an application is received; 6) empower the rental officer to issue eviction orders; 7) allow the rental officer to conduct hearings by a method of telecommunication; 8) require the rental officer to make an annual report to the Minister, and require it to be tabled in the Legislative Assembly. Mahsi, Mr. Speaker.
  • Feb. 18, 2008 Passed Mr. Speaker, I move, seconded by the Hon. Member from Sahtu, that Bill 6, An Act to Amend the Residential Tenancies Act, be read for the first time. Mahsi.