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Recorded Vote
Third Reading Of Bills

The Speaker Frederick Blake Jr.

All those opposed, please rise. All those abstaining, please rise.

Recorded Vote
Third Reading Of Bills

Clerk Of The House Mr. Tim Mercer

The Member for Great Slave.

Recorded Vote
Third Reading Of Bills

The Speaker Frederick Blake Jr.

The results of the recorded vote: 14 in favour, zero opposed, one abstention. The motion is carried. Bill 68 has had third reading.


Third Reading of Bills.

Mr. Clerk, will you ascertain if the Commissioner of the Northwest Territories, the Honourable Margaret M. Thom, is prepared to enter the Chamber to assent to bills.


Assent To Bills
Assent To Bills

March 30th, 2023

The Commissioner Of The Northwest Territories Margaret M. Thom

Mahsi. Good afternoon Mr. Speaker, Premier Cochrane, Ministers, Members of the Legislative Assembly, staff and visitors in the public gallery.

It is always a good feeling and honour to be here and see all of you. Thank you for your ongoing commitment and hard work on behalf of the people of the Northwest Territories. It is with great honour and respect that I acknowledge the territory of the Dene, Metis and Inuit of this great land. We are extremely grateful to live, work, celebrate, and be welcomed as visitors in your territory.

After the long and cold winter, it is nearly time to say, Spring is in the air. So enjoy the well-deserved, much-needed Easter break to enjoy the beautiful spring weather, longer daylight hours, the single digit temperatures in some places, and the sunshine. This break will allow you to breathe in the good fresh air to ground you. I wish you all safe, enjoyable travels to your homes, your loved ones, your constituencies. Happy and Blessed Easter season with your loved ones.

Now as Commissioner of the Northwest Territories, I am pleased to assent to the following bills:

  • Bill 56, An Act to Amend the Northwest Territories Housing Corporation Act
  • Bill 57, Miscellaneous Statute Law Amendment Act, 2022
  • Bill 60, An Act to Amend the Petroleum Products and Carbon Tax Act
  • Bill 61, An Act to Amend the Ombud Act
  • Bill 62, An Act to Amend the Income Tax Act, No. 2
  • Bill 63, An Act to Amend Official Languages Act
  • Bill 66, An Act to Amend the Property Assessment and Taxation Act
  • Bill 67, An Act to Amend the Fire Prevention Act
  • Bill 68, An Act to Amend the Child Day Care Act
  • Bill 73, An Act to Amend the Legislative Assembly and Executive Council Act, No. 4
  • Bill 76, An Act to Amend the Electoral Boundaries Commission Act
  • Bill 86, Supplementary Appropriation Act (Infrastructure Expenditures), No. 3, 2022-2023
  • Bill 87, Supplementary Appropriation Act (Operations Expenditures), No. 3, 2023- 2023
  • Bill 88, Supplementary Appropriation Act (Infrastructure Expenditures), No. 1, 2023-2024
  • Bill 89, Appropriation Act (Operations Expenditures), 2023-2024

Mahsi cho. Thank you. Quyananni. Merci beaucoup. Koana.


Assent To Bills
Assent To Bills

The Speaker Frederick Blake Jr.

Colleagues, please be seated. Colleagues, on behalf of the House, I thank the Commissioner, the Honourable Margaret M. Thom for being here today. It is an honour to have her join us in the Chamber. It has been a long sitting and I know we are eager to adjourn. But before we do, I would like to say a few words and I thank you for your time and attention.

First and foremost, I want to thank each of you. I know this sitting has been difficult at times but it has also been very productive. You have concluded consideration of the operations budget, three supplementary estimates, seven pieces of legislation, some of which I know were challenging, and 14 committee reports. This is in addition to numerous statements, questions and motions.

Colleagues, that's a lot of important work and you should be proud of yourselves. Mahsi.

Throughout this sitting, I have enjoyed your lively and thoughtful debates and discussions. We don't always see eye-to-eye and we don't always agree. Some discussions in this House are very intense or uncomfortable. That's the nature of our job as the representatives of our people. Even when we don't agree, we can always find ways to work together and be respectful of each other and this institution. Colleagues, that is consensus government in action.

Consensus government does not mean that we must always agree. Consensus government does not mean that we will always get our way. Consensus government means that we will have the opportunity to share our views, influence policy and legislation, and represent the people who have elected us. I thank each of you for contributing to a successful sitting.

Colleagues, I also want to thank the interpreters who have joined us throughout this sitting. We honour our languages when we use them. The interpreters make it possible for us to use our languages on a daily basis, and I thank them for their service and commitment to honouring our official languages, our people, and our cultures. I know it has been challenging at times, the speed of some of our speeches, but I thank you and I really respect the work that you do.

Colleagues, finally, I want to take a moment to thank our clerk, Mr. Tim Mercer, and congratulate him on his retirement. Mr. Mercer has served as clerk of this institution for twenty years. That's 870 sitting days. He has served six Assembly's, that's 63 Members and six Speakers, I am very proud to be one of those Members and also one of those speakers.

Tim, I want to thank you for your valuable advice you have given to me and to all Members for many years. It was always appreciated. And sometimes we even followed it.

Tim, as Clerk of the Legislative Assembly, your corporate and procedural knowledge is second to none. I know we are in good hands with Mr. Rutland taking the helm. You will be deeply missed. Tim, I know you love sailing and I hope you have the opportunities to spend many beautiful summer days on Great Slave Lake aboard the Picante. Mr. Clerk, hold fast and stay true.

Colleagues, please join me in thanking Mr. Mercer for his dedication and service.
Thank you, colleagues.


Mr. Clerk, one last time, orders of the day.

Orders Of The Day
Orders Of The Day

Clerk Of The House Mr. Tim Mercer

Orders of the day for Thursday, May 25th, 2023, 1:30 p.m.

  1. Prayer
  2. Ministers' Statements
  3. Members' Statements
  4. Returns to Oral Questions
  • Oral Question 1343-19(2), Impacts of COVID-19 on Education
  1. Recognition of Visitors in the Gallery
  2. Acknowledgements
  3. Oral Questions
  4. Written Questions
  5. Returns to Written Questions
  6. Replies to Commissioner's Address
  7. Petitions
  8. Reports of Committees on the Review of Bills
  9. Reports of Standing and Special Committees
  10. Tabling of Documents
  11. Notices of Motion
  12. Motions
  13. Notices of Motion for First Reading of Bills
  14. First Reading of Bills
  15. Second Reading of Bills
  • Bill 64, An Act to Amend the Legislative Assembly and Executive Council Act, No. 3
  1. Consideration in Committee of the Whole of Bills and Other Matters
  • Bill 23, An Act to Amend the Public Utilities Act
  • Bill 29, Resource Royalty Information Disclosure Statute Amendment Act
  • Minster's Statement 264-19(2), Response to the NWT Chief Coroner's Report on Suicide
  • Tabled Document 681-19(2), Government of the Northwest Territories Response to Committee Report 26-19(2): Report on the Child and Family Services Act - Lifting Children, Youth and Families: An All of Territory Approach to Keeping Families Together
  1. Report of Committee of the Whole
  2. Third Reading of Bills
  3. Orders of the Day

Orders Of The Day
Orders Of The Day

The Speaker Frederick Blake Jr.

Thank you, Mr. Clerk. This House stands adjourned until Thursday, May 25th, 2023 at 1:30 p.m.


The House adjourned at 8:40 p.m.