Territorial general elections are held every four years. If an MLA resigns or is removed from office during their term a special by-election may be held.

For more information on election candidates overall, a full listing is available on the Candidates page.

For more information on elections in a specific district, information is available on the Election Districts page.

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* Declining a ballot was not an option prior to the 2003 election

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Date Election Type Districts
2023.11.14 General All
2022.02.09 By-Election Tu Nedhe-Wiilideh
2021.07.27 By-Election Monfwi
2019.10.01 General All
2015.11.23 General All
2011.10.03 General All
2007.10.01 General All
2005.07.18 By-Election North Slave
2004.11.29 By-Election Inuvik Twin Lakes
2003.11.24 General All
1999.12.06 General All
1995.10.16 General All
1995.05.08 By-Election Aivilik
1993.05.10 By-Election Kitikmeot
1991.10.15 General All
1989.10.10 By-Election Natilikmiot
1988.10.31 By-Election Yellowknife South
1987.10.05 General All
1984.10.15 By-Election Yellowknife South
1983.11.21 General All
1983.01.17 By-Election Keewatin North
1980.09.15 By-Election Baffin Central
1979.10.01 General All
1976.07.12 By-Election Great Slave Lake
1976.06.14 By-Election Mackenzie Great Bear
1975.03.10 General All
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