Last in the Legislative Assembly February 1995, as MLA for Aivilik

Won his last election, in 1991, with 35% of the vote.

Statements in the House

Question O2-12(2): Rcmp Back-up Services In Communities February 12th, 1992

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. My question is to the Minister of Justice. We know the federal government has been cutting back on the RCMP services in some communities. We have been informed that in the communities that do not have any RCMP, their facilities cannot be used. For example, a cell cannot be used by by-law officers in the event there is a problem in the community. Will the Minister be looking into finding a way to get these kinds of services provided to the communities, especially those who do not have any RCMP in the communities?

Identifying Different Needs In Communities February 12th, 1992

(Translation) Thank you, Mr. Speaker. In preparing for the budget, we will be dealing with the main estimates in March and perhaps into April. We understand that we will be in a deficit, and I think we should be careful, particularly as the territorial government has identified different needs in the community. It has to be realized that the main estimates and appropriations must be formed from the needs.

For example, Mr. Speaker, a child was recently killed in an accident because there was no snow removal that week due to lack of capital assets. The communities of Baker Lake, Coral Harbour and Repulse Bay, including Clyde River, have very heavy snowfalls, and a lot of the communities have not received an equal amount of mobile equipment. I think we have to make sure these disparities are assessed. Thank you, Mr. Speaker.

Question O155-12(1): Moneys Wasted Because Of Petroleum, Oil And Lubricants Program Tendering Process December 18th, 1991

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I understand that Mr. Anderson's report on the tendering of POL, petroleum, oil and lubricants program contracts has been forwarded to the Government Leader and just as the 11th Assembly's finance committee suspected, the tendering process was badly flawed. In fact, Mr. Anderson's conclusion was that, given a difference process and a modified criteria, the government might have entered into a contract of a lesser magnitude than those that were awarded. My question is to the Minister of Government Services, Hon. John Ningark. Is he able to advise the House how much money has been wasted because these contracts were awarded using a flawed tendering process?

Passing Of David Ovinqayak December 17th, 1991

(Translation) Mr. Speaker, today I want to express my condolences to David Ovinqayak's family. David is from Arviat. He did not recover from heart surgery during his operation. David Ovinqayak has been active with the Inuit Cultural Institute for over 15 years and has produced books on Inuit cultures, including "Arctic Survival," which is intended for everyone in the Arctic.

Some of you may remember that he travelled by snowmobile from Arviat to Baker Lake, Gjoa Haven, Spence Bay, Pelly Bay, Repulse Bay and back to Arviat via Chesterfield Inlet, Rankin Inlet and Whale Cove. He has walked from Churchill, Manitoba to Arviat all by himself, recording the camps where his ancestors used to live and travel. Before he died, he wrote a book about his travels and his knowledge of the land and its contents. He was making final touches with his publishers when he died on Saturday.

Mr. Speaker, it is very sad to see a friend like David to go, but happy that he has contributed to make us all richer inside. Thank you.


Item 18: Report Of Committee Of The Whole December 16th, 1991

Mr. Speaker, your committee has been considering Bill 4 and Bill 1 and wishes to report progress, and that Bill 4 is ready for third reading. Mr. Speaker, I move that the report of the chairman of the committee of the whole be concurred with.

Motion 34-12(1): Construction Of A Garage In Kakisa December 16th, 1991

I will try to speak as mover to the amendment to motion 34-12(1). The reason for the amendment is that there is no way for me to object to the regional mover mainly because of a lack of experience in envisioning or finding the need -- although I have heard that there are approximately 40 people in Kakisa, but the point here is even if you have a thousand people there, the budget is not in front of us. It is not fair to other regions to blindly make motions when a draft budget is not even presented by the finance committee to the Government of the Northwest Territories. One of the examples I could use right now for my area is the population of Coral Harbour is just under 600; I think it is about 600 now. Coral Harbour has over one million dollars of private investment in boats: nine Peterheads, one high tech boat, 25 canoes and 10 fibre glass Lake Winnipeg boats, pleasure crafts. These are all very important working boats that are used for the livelihood of the community because we are on an island. We have no way to protect the boats from the high tide waters and storms. I will not be making this kind of motion while we are sitting here, until we have time to review the budget. For that reason, I support the amendment to the motion.

Motion 27-12(1): Strategy Committee For Implementation Of Recommendations Of "strength At Two Levels" December 16th, 1991

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. "Strength At Two Levels" means just that. That means very effective education divisional boards and regional councils are with this report in possible jeopardy in continuing to be effective regional organizations. There are too many questions in that report yet. For that reason, I will be supporting the motion.

Question O123-12(1): Hiring Of Personnel From Outside The Country December 16th, 1991

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Further to Mrs. Marie-Jewell's question, my question is directed to the Minister of Personnel. Mr. Bernhardt's question was not whether or not the government's hiring of specialists like doctors and

scientists from outside the country, rather, why the government makes a practice of hiring personnel from outside the country for very ordinary positions, such as superintendent of Government Services and Department of Public Works for the Kitikmeot. That was the question.

Final Agreement On Tungavik Federation Of Nunavut Claim December 16th, 1991

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. (Translation) As you have heard earlier and heard and watched this morning on the news, the Tungavik Federation of Nunavut president, Mr. Louis Pilakapsi, and Tom Siddon have come to an agreement. I am positive that the Inuit are very happy about this agreement with regard to Nunavut and government.

A lot of times we were doubtful whether or not this was going to proceed. I remember in 1968 I was working with Peter Mansbridge, with CBC, and Tagak Curley, who was an adult educator at the time. We had a discussion about the desires and needs of the Inuit people, that they should be able to control their own land. When we were discussing this, I also mentioned that the Inuit people have to get more training, and Tagak responded to me, "If we really want this to go through, we will have to fight for it."

Mr. Speaker, I would like to state at this time that I am very happy about the progress. Even though there were changes, the government officials or the leaders, the people of Nunavut were able to continue, to the fullest, to the end. Thank you.


Item 11: Tabling Of Documents December 13th, 1991

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I would like to table Tabled Document 23-12(1), "Caring for Ourselves in the Home", An Integrated Home Services Proposal, submitted by the Arviat health committee.