Below is information we have gathered on appointments to the Minister Responsible for Women position. If there is a related title, we've included that at the bottom. This information has been compiled from Hansards, NWT Gazettes and previous press releases.

If you spot any omissions/mistakes please let us know!


AssemblyStart DateEnd Date
Bob McLeod 17th Assembly 2011.11.02 2015.12.16

Related Roles

Assembly Start Date End Date

Minister Responsible for the Status of Women

Charles Dent 15th Assembly 2003.12.15 2007.10.22
Sandy Lee 16th Assembly 2007.10.19 2011.03.26
Michael Miltenberger 16th Assembly 2011.03.28 2011.04.08
Floyd Roland 16th Assembly 2011.04.08 2011.10.03
Caroline Cochrane 18th Assembly 2015.12.23