Last in the Legislative Assembly December 1999, as MLA for Yellowknife South

Won his last election, in 1995, with 42% of the vote.

Statements in the House

Motion: 6-13(1): Appointment Of Deputy Speaker, Carried November 23rd, 1995

Mr. Speaker, I am seeking unanimous consent to deal with my motion.

Motion 7-13(1): Appointments To The Standing Committee On Resource Management And Development November 23rd, 1995

Mr. Speaker, I give notice that on Monday, November 27, 1995, I will move the following motion: I move, seconded by the honourable Member for the High Arctic, that the following Members be appointed to the Standing Committee on Resource Management and Development:

1. Kevin O'Brien

2. Mark Evaloarjuk

3. David Krutko

4. Jake Ootes

5. James Rabesca

And further, that the following Members be named alternates to the Standing Committee on Resource Management and Development:

1. Tommy Enuaraq

2. Roy Erasmus

3. Edward Picco

Mr. Speaker, at the appropriate time, I will be seeking unanimous consent to deal with my motion today.

Item 7: Recognition Of Visitors In The Gallery November 22nd, 1995

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I would like to recognize my wife, Linda; my daughter, Marie; and, my son, Clayton. I'm going at this blind; I can't see where they're at. I would also like to recognize Mr. Tony Whitford, the MLA who represented Yellowknife South in the previous government.


Economy Of The NWT And Congratulating Cabinet November 22nd, 1995

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Mr. Speaker, until the Irish language is recognized as an official language in the Legislature, I will be addressing this House in English.

Mr. Speaker, I would like to take a few moments to thank everyone who ran for Cabinet and Leader, and congratulate those who got elected.

It is with pride and, I admit, some apprehension that I begin the challenge of representing my constituents in Yellowknife South, the people of Yellowknife and the people of the Northwest Territories.

First, I'd like to thank my wife and family for their support during the campaign. They will inevitably have to make more sacrifices over the next four years. I'd like to thank the constituents who have placed a great trust in me during the election process. On behalf of my constituents and all MLAs, we owe a debt of gratitude to Mr. Tony Whitford who served the people of Yellowknife so loyally in the last Assembly.


Mr. Speaker, this Assembly my continue to send a strong message to potential investors that the North is open for business. And to northerners, the opportunities are here, let's get the training so we can take full advantage of the work and resultant independence that those jobs will bring.

Mr. Speaker, because of the serious financial situation, we know that we cannot rely on government to meet the growing job demands of our children. Private business must fill this gap. Our Premier spoke of some tough challenges that we will have to face over the next four years. My constituents will be looking to the government for leadership and wisdom in dealing with those issues.

With respect to the deficit, I support the government in bringing forward a balanced budget. Also, a comprehensive and long-term plan should contain attainable goals to reflect our vision and principles, and commit to maintaining important services such as education. This plan should be debated and form the basis for the budget over the next four years.

Mr. Speaker, I also support the creation of Nunavut; however, I know an issue like this can be divisive in more ways than one. If we get the process wrong, we can spend the next four years wrangling over the resources. I would urge the government to set up a separate process and accounting for division so that we can get on with the business of government.

Mr. Speaker, in closing, as a business person, I know how hard it will be to balance the books. Hard decisions will need to be made. The next four years will take teamwork by groups with widely diverse interests but who share a common vision to build a territory our children will be proud. We have to be passionate about what we believe in but we cannot lose our heads in the process.

I would like to welcome all MLAs and their families to our capital. We, in Yellowknife, want you to enjoy our community, and I will do all in my power to make Yellowknife a place you enjoy coming to and staying in. Thank you, Mr. Speaker.