Last in the Legislative Assembly September 1995, as MLA for Kivallivik

Lost his last election, in 1995, with 11% of the vote.

Statements in the House

Item 4: Returns To Oral Questions April 11th, 1995

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I have a return to an oral question asked by Mrs. Marie-Jewell on March 27th regarding the tabling of the fire suppression review.

Mr. Speaker, as I have indicated, I will not table the consultant's report on the review of the GNWT's forest fire management program and policy. However, I am prepared to provide the report on request to any Member who wishes a copy. Thank you, Mr. Speaker.

Question 440-12(7): Support For Maritime Fishing And Sealing Industries April 10th, 1995

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I have actually been in contact with the Minister in the format of letters. However, I have not been in contact with him over the last week or so; I have been sitting here as everybody else has. My schedule, at this point, has been quite well laid out for the next few weeks, so I don't know when I will be able to set it up, but I will certainly make a good effort in the very near future. Thank you, Mr. Speaker.

Question 440-12(7): Support For Maritime Fishing And Sealing Industries April 10th, 1995

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. We, in the Northwest Territories, have been actively involved although it may not necessarily be at the ministerial level. We certainly have been active at the regional level.

The Nunavut Wildlife Management Board, which is the newly-formed organization of the Nunavut final agreement, has over the last year been very active in trying to organize themselves to be able to face many of the issues that affect the coastal communities in the east. We have had departmental officials involved in many of the fisheries activities that have been going on.

My involvement has been limited to Minister of Fisheries conferences, up until this point. In the most recent ministerial meeting, I was able to confirm with the Minister that Inuit have to take an active role in the goings-on in research that may be taking place regarding seals. The area of sealing and marketing of this new idea about making use of seal oil for medicinal purposes has been a Newfoundland effort and we certainly have been giving them our moral support.

But so far the efforts have been limited to the Nunavut Wildlife Management Board, the efforts of the regional Baffin hunters' and trappers' association, who are very active in trying to maintain the turbot quota that they have received in the fishing area. Thank you, Mr. Speaker.

Item 4: Returns To Oral Questions April 10th, 1995

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I have a return to an oral question asked by Mr. Zoe concerning consultation regarding amendment to Migratory Bird Convention Act. To develop a national position on amending the migratory bird convention, which is the treaty between US and Canada, the federal government began its three-year consultation process in 1990. Bilateral meetings were held between the federal government and migratory bird management stakeholders, including in the Northwest Territories, the Denendeh Conservation Board, the Wildlife Management Advisory Council in the Inuvialuit settlement area and the then Nunavut Wildlife Management Advisory Board.

In April 1992, the last formal public consultations occurred with regional meetings in Iqaluit and Yellowknife. Chief Joe Rabesca of Rae attended the Yellowknife session and capably provided input from his people. Subsequent additional ad hoc meetings were held in Canada to permit further input from aboriginal organizations. The federal government is currently assessing the options for recognizing aboriginal and treaty rights in either the convention or Canada's Migratory Bird Convention Act.

The Department of Renewable Resources attended most meetings and facilitated territorial input so that territorial concerns could be incorporated into the final Canadian position. Throughout this process, the Department of Renewable Resources provided advice to the federal government and promoted the concept of fair, legitimate, northern access to this renewable resources.

The Government of the Northwest Territories does not have a representative on the Canadian negotiating team for the amendment to the migratory bird convention nor have we had any contact with the negotiating team. Three aboriginal representatives have been appointed to the negotiating team: Mr. Phillip Awashish, who represents the Assembly of First Nations; Ms. Rosemarie Kuptana, who represents Inuit; and, Mr. Jim Bourque, who represents the Metis. The other members are three from Foreign Affairs Canada, two from Environment Canada and one representing the provinces and territories.

The formal negotiations with the United States will begin in the last week of April. Once the amendment to the convention is drafted and agreed to, the Government of Canada must revise Canadian Migratory Bird Convention Act. I will keep Members advised of any progress. Thank you, Mr. Speaker.

Minister's Statement 63-12(7): National Wildlife Week April 10th, 1995

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Wildlife and the environment play an important role in the daily lives of northern residents. Every spring, during the second week of April, our children join other children across Canada, to celebrate National Wildlife Week. National Wildlife Week was created to raise awareness among Canadians about wildlife and wildlife conservation. Each year, a different theme is chosen for National Wildlife Week. This year's theme, "Wildlife...Yours To Recover," reminds us that everyone should make an effort to support wildlife and habitats that are at risk.

For the past 14 years, students across the Northwest Territories have celebrated National Wildlife Week by participating in a poster contest sponsored by the Department of Renewable Resources. Each year, we received 1,500 to 2,000 posters showing how our children interpret the theme for National Wildlife Week. Winning posters are chosen, and for the past few years, a calendar has been produced showing the winning posters. The winning posters are also sent to a national competition, where we have always had posters that receive national recognition. I am making available to all Members copies of our 1995-96 calendars.

It is encouraging and exciting to witness the enthusiasm our youth show towards wildlife and the environment. This year, National Wildlife Week takes place from April 9th -- starting yesterday -- to the 15th, but here in the Northwest Territories, we celebrate the value of wildlife not for just one week, but every week of the year. Thank you, Mr. Speaker.


Item 13: Tabling Of Documents April 7th, 1995

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I wish to table the following document. Tabled Document 88-

12(7), review of the draft environmental impact statement guidelines for the BHP diamond mine, presentation by the Government of the Northwest Territories to the BHP diamond mine environmental assessment review process. Thank you.

Question 435-12(7): Funding For Broughton Island Hta April 7th, 1995

(Translation) Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I will be giving a written response to the request of the hunters' and trappers' associations and they should be getting the funding as soon as possible. Thank you, Mr. Speaker.

Question 435-12(7): Funding For Broughton Island Hta April 7th, 1995

(Translation) Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I responded to Ms. Mike's written question and indicated there would be some funding available for hunters. I indicated there would be some funding provided for hunters in the Baffin. I talked to my official in the Baffin and he indicated to me that he would find some funding for the hunters. The superintendent for Renewable Resources will be looking after this. Thank you.

Question 430-12(7): Time Frame For Response To Written Question Re Migratory Birds Convention April 7th, 1995

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I think the information that the Member is seeking is readily available, so we should be able to come up with a response late today. Thank you.