In the Legislative Assembly


Historical Information Tommy Enuaraq is no longer a member of the Legislative Assembly.

Last in the Legislative Assembly March 1999, as MLA for Baffin Central

Won his last election, in 1995, with 30% of the vote.

Statements in the House

Member's Statement 230-13(6): Northern Encounters: Circumpolar Fine Arts Festival December 6th, 1998

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I rise today to bring to the attention of the Members of this House, the territorial government, and the many talented citizens of the Northwest Territories, information which I believe may prove to be of some use.

Northern Encounters 1999, is a circumpolar fine arts festival that is to be held in Toronto, during July of 1999. This festival, which is held every two years, celebrates the arts and culture achievements of eight circumpolar nations. This festival helps to present and promote the Canadian public and the world. A group of geographically and culturally diverse Canadians, northerners whose talents and accomplishments in a number of disciplines have brought recognition and admiration from around the world.

As 1999 is the year of Nunavut, and the 50th anniversary of the first sale of modern Inuit art, Northern Encounters provides a tremendous opportunity to promote the Northwest Territories, its people and its artistic achievements, along with the Nunavut celebrations and the Inuit art anniversary. I would like to encourage the Government of the Northwest Territories, the people in positions to assist the selected artists and those interested in exploring and supporting Northern Encounters 1999, as fully as possible. Thank you.


Member's Statement 219-13(6): Heroic Act Of Joshua Qillaq December 3rd, 1998

(Translation) Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Good morning. I rise today to acknowledge the heroism of a youngster in my home community, a Mr. Joshua Qillaq, age 9.

On November 15, 1995 a youngster, Ms. Sally Arreak, age 10, was playing on the school playground. While using the slide, Sally accidentally snagged the drawstring on her hood on the slide. As a result, Sally began suffocating. No one noticed Sally struggling. A few minutes later, which probably seemed a lifetime to Sally, fortunately, an observant young man named Joshua Qillaq came to her rescue. Joshua quickly worked to free Sally. The event took several minutes to resolve. If Joshua did not come to Sally's rescue, Sally may not be alive today.

Mr. Speaker, in closing, I would like to commend Joshua for his heroic deed, and take this opportunity to informally recommend him for the Commissioner's Award for Joshua Qillaq. Thank you, Mr. Speaker. (Translation ends)


Item 5: Recognition Of Visitors In The Gallery December 2nd, 1998

(Translation) Thank you, Mr. Speaker. At this time I would like to recognize a member of the community of Clyde River, whose name is Alan Natanine. I would like to welcome him to the Legislative Assembly during his visit. Thank you. (Translation ends)


Member's Statement 196-13(6): Heroic Rescue Efforts In Pangnirtung December 2nd, 1998

(Translation) Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I rise today to acknowledge the heroism of three people from Pangnirtung. In particular, a Mr. Timiusie Evic. Mr. Evic saw Andrew Dialla struggling in the surf off the beach in Pangnirtung. Seeing that Mr. Dialla would be unsuccessful in safely returning to shore, Mr. Evic dove into the surf to save him. Mr. Evic saved Andrew Dialla from drowning and certainly from a potential case of hypothermia. Mr. Peter Kilabuk and Mr. Tim Dialla, all of Pangnirtung, further assisted Mr. Evic and Mr. Dialla onto shore. Mr. Evic and Mr. Dialla, Peter Kilabuk and Mr. Tim Dialla had assisted them further.

Also, the RCMP provided transportation from the shore to the nursing station on a medevac basis. Finally, I wish to take this opportunity to acknowledge all those involved in the rescue of Andrew Dialla. (Translation ends) I recommend Mr. Tim Evic, Mr. Peter Kilabuk and Mr. Tim Dialla for a Commissioner's award. Thank you.


Member's Statement 159-13(6): Recognition Of Northern Teachers November 11th, 1998

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Good afternoon.

Mr. Speaker, I was to take a moment of the Legislative Assembly's time to give praise to some very important people in the northern communities. The individuals I am talking about are teachers. Teachers fill many roles. They are guidance counsellors, coaches, surrogate parents and friends to the students. This is in addition to the role they play in teaching our children. Our northern teachers continue to do their magic despite having to face cutbacks in funding to education. They have lost their vacation travel assistance and their private accommodation allowance. In some communities, reasonable housing is unavailable. In the schools, teachers have had to deal with larger classes, occasional violence and in some instances, parental harassment. Mr. Speaker, most of the teachers I know work long and hard. I wish to thank the teachers of the north for their work and dedication. Thank you.


Tabled Document 29-13(6): Pangnirtung Search And Rescue Participants November 4th, 1998

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Today, I would like to table a document containing 61 names of all the people who were involved in the search and rescue in Pangnirtung. Thank you.

Question 154-13(6): Pangnirtung Airport Runway Update November 4th, 1998

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Mr. Speaker, I will be directing my question to the Minister of Transportation, the Honourable Jim Antoine. Mr. Speaker, can the Minister please update this House on what is happening on the runway in Pangnirtung? Thank you.

Member's Statement 123-13(6): Pangnirtung Search And Rescue Participants November 4th, 1998

(Translation) Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I will be speaking Inuktitut today. On Sunday morning, November 1st, the bodies of two hunters and a ten-year old boy from Pangnirtung were found washed ashore about four hours away from their home community. The hunters were first reported missing October 23rd. Their bodies were found by members of the community who had volunteered for the intensive six day search. This effort included the RCMP, the Department of National Defence and the Canadian Coast Guard. Coast Guard vessels, as well as small private craft from Pangnirtung, also participated in the search and rescue effort.

Mr. Speaker, I rise today to acknowledge and thank the local volunteers and members of the RCMP, the Department of National Defence, and the Coast Guard who took part in the search and rescue. Mr. Speaker, the list of volunteers is long and I will be tabling a document containing all their names. They number close to 61. I would also like to take this opportunity to extend my deepest condolences to the families of the deceased. Thank you, Mr. Speaker. (Translation ends)

Question 141-13(6): Broughton Island Breakwater November 3rd, 1998

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Mr. Speaker, Broughton Island needs another breakwater. If a breakwater is not built or the homes are not moved back, these same homes will eventually be washed into the ocean. Therefore, Mr. Speaker, my question is directed to the Minister of Transportation, the honourable Mr. Antoine. When will the government be able to effectively resolve the shoreline erosion problem on Broughton Island? Thank you.

Member's Statement 112-13(6): Broughton Island Breakwater November 3rd, 1998

(Translation) Good afternoon Mr. Speaker. (Translation ends) Community of Broughton Island, is a coastal community protected by a break-water on one side. However, the existing break-water does not protect all the homes on Broughton Island. The beach near the unprotected homes is eroding at an ever-increasing rate. One day, these same homes may be washed into the ocean. In the fall, their windows and outside walls are facing the ocean and are covered in thick sheets of ice from the ocean spray. Mr. Speaker, that is how close the ocean is to these threatened homes. There should be another break-water added to protect that side of the community or the homes should be removed back to safer ground. A break-water would be an ideal solution. Sooner or later, we may have to move these homes again. Mr. Speaker, I propose that the government do an immediate evaluation of the area. The sooner the government deals with this issue, the better. Thank you.