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Bill 29 An Act to Amend the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act

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Mr. Speaker, I move, seconded by the honourable Member for Hay River South, that Bill 29, An Act to Amend the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act, be read for the second time. This bill amends the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act to: provide for the application of the act to municipalities that are designated in regulations;clarify the types of records that are exempted from disclosure because the records would reveal confidences of the Executive Council or the Financial Management Board and provide for a similar exemption for records of municipalities; allow for a compelling public interest to override particular statutory grounds for exemption from disclosure;clarify timelines throughout the act so they are calculated using business days;set out a process for the Information and Privacy Commissioner to consider requests from heads of public bodies to extend time limits for responding to requests for access; address documents relating to human resources matters, including employee evaluation documents and workplace investigation documents; clarify exemptions relating to business interests;permit disclosure of information for delivery of a common or integrated program or service;update the general powers of the Information and Privacy Commissioner;provide for a review of the act every seven years; andmake other adjustments to the act to improve the language and enhance clarity. Thank you, Mr. Speaker.

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