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Bill 48 Post-Secondary Education Act

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Mr. Speaker, I move, seconded by the honourable Member for Inuvik Boot Leg, that Bill 48, Post-Secondary Education Act, be read for the second time. This bill creates a structure for the recognition of post-secondary institutions within the Northwest Territories. The bill: • prohibits the establishment or operation of a university without the consent of the Minister and an Act of the Legislative Assembly; • prohibits the granting of a degree or the offering of any degree program without the authorization of the Minister; and • allows a college to be recognized under the Act if its establishment or operation has the consent of the Minister and is authorized by an Act of the Legislative Assembly. The bill provides, with exceptions, that before consent or authorization can be given for any of these things the Minister must have received a recommendation from a quality assurance body. The bill also provides for the recognition and regulation of private training institutions and private vocational training, including the issuance of certificates of registration for either and allowing for the appointment of a Director of Private Vocational Training. The bill requires reporting by public post-secondary institutions that receive regular and ongoing funding from the government as well as by other institutions, including those that receive grants or contributions. Public institutions are also required to seek Ministerial approval of tuition fees, regularly evaluate programs, prepare a mandate statement as well as strategic and corporate plans, and prepare and submit annual operating and capital budgets. Finally, the bill contains provisions with respect to information sharing, enforcement, and offences and penalties. Thank you, Mr. Speaker.

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