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Bill 20 Ombudsperson Act

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Mr. Speaker, I move, seconded by the Honourable Member for Hay River South, that Bill 20, Ombudsperson Act, be read for the second time. This bill provides for the appointment of an Ombudsperson as an officer of the Legislature. This bill establishes the mandate of the Ombudsperson, which will be to investigate complaints about the administrative fairness of government practices to promote fair, reasonable, and equitable government administration. Some of the key matters addressed by this Bill include the following: requiring that the Commissioner, on the recommendation of the Legislative Assembly, appoint an Ombudsperson; conferring powers and duties on the Ombudsperson for the purpose of fulfilling the Ombudsperson's mandate; setting out how complaints can be made by a person to the Ombudsperson;setting out how investigations are to be conducted by the Ombudsperson. Thank you, Mr. Speaker.

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