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Bill 37 An Act to Amend the Oil and Gas Operations Act

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Mr. Speaker, I move, seconded by the honourable Member for Thebacha, that Bill 37, An Act to Amend the Oil and Gas Operations Act, be read for the second time. This bill amends the Oil and Gas Operations Act to: clarify the authority of the Minister and the regulator to delegate to a person the powers, duties, and functions assigned to them;expand the authority of the regulator to issue guidelines and interpretation notes;allows the regulator to conduct public hearings and specify the powers that the regulator may exercise in the conduct of the hearings;require the Minister to table an annual report on the activities of the regulator;require the disclosure of greater amounts of information and clarify the obligations of the Minister and the regulator with respect to the confidentiality of information received by either of them; andclarify the requirements surrounding proof of financial responsibilities for holders of authorizations.Thank you, Mr. Speaker.

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