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Crucial Fact

Historical Information Alfred Moses is no longer a member of the Legislative Assembly.

Last in the Legislative Assembly September 2019, as MLA for Inuvik Boot Lake

Won his last election, in 2015, with 89% of the vote.

Statements in the House

Question 842-18(3): Eligibility for Home Improvement Funding August 21st, 2019

The majority of our programming for homeowners do not require home ownership insurance. Also, many of our low-income homeowners will not be denied our programming if they do not have insurance. As I said earlier, we want to make sure that our residents and people of the Northwest Territories have an opportunity to have a roof over their heads. However, we really do want to see homeowners having up-to-date insurance on their homes, as many of us do.

We do have two programs, CARE Major and CARE Mobility, where we do require homeowners insurance, and it goes back to the Member's question earlier. We need to get that education out, and we need to make sure that our managers and our board members give that information to residents of the Northwest Territories. This is due to the fact that these programs provide a considerable amount of financial assistance, up to $100,000.

I will make a commitment here, that we will start working on getting that information out. As I said, last weekend was the first time that we did meet with the board chairs, the first time ever, and also with our district managers. It is ground-breaking. I mentioned, and our staff mentioned, that we do need to get that information out to our residents, so that they know what kind of programs they can access.

Question 842-18(3): Eligibility for Home Improvement Funding August 21st, 2019

Before anything, we always try to provide the best services for our residents and tenants that reply for housing throughout the Northwest Territories. We give all of our residents every opportunity to stay in their homes. We do not deny public housing applications to those who can't afford insurance. We strongly recommend that public housing tenants do get insurance, though, and we work with our partners to try to address that.

It is also mentioned in the lease agreements that tenants are advised to obtain some type of insurance moving forward, not only for the housing complex, but for their own assets that they have. We continue to work with our tenants to provide the education that is needed moving forward.

Question 842-18(3): Eligibility for Home Improvement Funding August 21st, 2019

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. As part of our education courses for home-ownership clients, we do provide information on the importance and need for home insurance. As all Members know and residents know, that is a big investment for any family, and we want to make sure that they are provided the services and are able to have that insurance should something happen to them. We are working with our financial partners, though, Mr. Speaker, to look at areas such as financial literacy and also increasing the accessibility on insurance coverage for our residents and exploring options around discounts on the cost of insurance plans. I would also want to let the Member know that this past weekend we did sit down with the district office managers and board chairs and members to address this issue, and they brought it up, and I did let the board chairs know that all MLAs within this government have been bringing up housing issues, and this is one of them that we are looking at addressing.

Recognition Of Visitors In The Gallery August 21st, 2019

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I have had the honour of doing a lot of work over the years and being on the front lines and doing some great health promotion work with a great team. As Members know, I am leaving. Up in the gallery, I would like to recognize Elsie DeRoose, who was a strong mentor and strong leader within the health promotion. I am really glad that she is here in the gallery today. It is really good to see you. I just want to thank you for all of the support and the work that you have done.

As always, Anthony J. Whitford, I know that you made some time to come and join us here today, so I just want to say thank you and mahsi, and mahsi to Elsie. Thank you, Mr. Speaker.

Minister's Statement 239-18(3): Housing for Vulnerable Populations August 21st, 2019

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Addressing the housing needs of vulnerable people, including seniors, single people, and homeless individuals, has been a key priority of this government and all Members of this legislature. The Northwest Territories Housing Corporation is addressing the housing challenges faced by vulnerable groups through its investments and infrastructure projects.

On August 1, 2019, we opened the new seniors' nine-plex building in Fort McPherson. This building is one of five that were designed in collaboration with the Department of Health and Social Services and with input from the community. These new independent living facilities will allow seniors to remain in their home community and be near their families, part of our commitment to helping elders age in place while enabling them to have access to important support services. The seniors' nine-plex design includes modern features that will help residents in their day-to-day living and common areas to promote supportive programming and socializing.

Along with giving seniors the opportunity to age in place in their communities, these projects also play an integral part in alleviating strain on the Northwest Territories Housing Corporation's public housing stock.

The Northwest Territories Housing Corporation has a commitment to address the need for more units for single people. One key piece of feedback from our Housing Engagement Survey was that there is a need for singles' housing in Inuvik. On August 2nd, we opened up a 17-unit singles' building in Inuvik to replace the old Sydney Apartment Building. This investment is part of the corporation's ongoing work to meet the housing needs of Northwest Territories residents by increasing the availability of safe, affordable housing that reflects community values and priorities.

The Northwest Territories Housing Corporation is working to help residents vulnerable to homelessness in the territory through the Northern Pathways to Housing Pilot Program. This initiative aims to address homelessness outside Yellowknife by providing supportive housing programs for single adults who are experiencing housing instability. We now have three Northern Pathways programs up and running that include multi-year contribution agreements with partners who will provide support programs for the residents.

Mr. Speaker, vulnerable people often face unstable housing conditions. Our government has focused its housing infrastructure investments to meet the needs of vulnerable residents and the priorities of the communities. The Northwest Territories Housing Corporation has worked to develop housing options for vulnerable people and to provide them with safe, secure, and stable housing for years to come. We are coming to the end of our term as a government and as an Assembly, but I do have faith that this work will continue, because it is the right thing to do. Thank you and mahsi cho, Mr. Speaker.

Bill 25: An Act to Amend the Workers' Compensation Act August 19th, 2019

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I move, seconded by the honourable Member for Range Lake, that Bill 25, An Act to Amend the Workers' Compensation Act, be read for the third time; and, Mr. Speaker, I would like to request a recorded vote. Thank you, Mr. Speaker.

Question 831-18(3): Charter for the City of Yellowknife August 19th, 2019

At this time, I have nothing in terms of what the next steps would be. Obviously, as I said in the previous answer, it is something that can go into a transitional document as something that might be taken under consideration for whoever is going to be sitting in this House. Those are the only next steps that I would say, to have those discussions moving forward, but it is really going to be on who is in this House next government to have those discussions. Like I said, we have a week left, and we will see what we will begin doing. I will make sure that our department has an indication that this is something that needs to be considered.

Question 831-18(3): Charter for the City of Yellowknife August 19th, 2019

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Since I have been in the role for Municipal and Community Affairs, we have had some very good discussions working with the NWT Association of Communities, as well as the local government administrators of the Northwest Territories. This is something that is new. We are nearing the end of this government, and this might be something that might be pushed into the transitional documents moving forward. We are in our last week, but it is something that, I think, does need to be discussed to see how we can address the concerns from the Member, as well as leadership across the territory. Thank you, Mr. Speaker.

Question 829-18(3): Housing First and Homelessness August 19th, 2019

Obviously, the Northern Pathways to Housing program is one of our successes that we have seen, and we will continue to work on that. It's a piloted project. I just want to also say, Mr. Speaker, our staff have been doing a great job in meeting with our leadership, meeting with our non-government organizations to address homelessness, and we all need to work together. I think that's one of things that we came out of the housing summit that was up in Inuvik. We also have the Reaching Home program that we are pushing out, and our staff has been trying to get out to as many communities as they can across the NWT. Initially, we were looking at three community housing plans in this initial year, as a pilot program. After myself and the staff have been meeting with leadership, we have 12. I made a statement last week that we have 12 community plans on the go to address the housing needs in each of the communities.

So I just want to let all Members know and leadership, you know: reach out to us; we are willing to work with you, but we are going above and beyond to address the housing issues across the Northwest Territories, and our staff are working very hard to make sure that happens.

Question 829-18(3): Housing First and Homelessness August 19th, 2019

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. We will just obviously continue on this theme here. Here in Yellowknife, we have been working with a lot of our partners in terms of addressing some of the housing needs. Obviously, we do have the Housing First program; we have the rapid rehousing program with YWCA; and the Yellowknife Women's Society, we did make a good announcement; we are working with industry to see how we can address housing here in the Northwest Territories; Northern Pathways to Housing program that we have in the three communities that I just previously mentioned, we have been working with ECE and working with Health and Social Services to see how we can increase our shelter funding for homeless shelters and how it's just a one-stop program for applications to address that need. So there are a lot of things that have been going on over this government, and any input that Members and any input that our leadership across the territories and our non-governmental organizations can give us, we are willing to work with them, and we just need to sit down and have those discussions. The big one announcement that we have given was the co-investment fund and how can we access that and have a bigger partnership to address homelessness and transition or even housing needs of the NWT.