Last in the Legislative Assembly September 1995, as MLA for Iqaluit

Won his last election, in 1991, with 60% of the vote.

Statements in the House

Question O24-12(1): Membership On Workers' Compensation Board December 10th, 1991

Mr. Speaker, I have not asked that particular question. I can tell the honourable Member who the current Members of the Workers' Compensation Board are, but I am not aware of their ethnic origin.

Question O23-12(1): Workers' Compensation For Hunters And Trappers December 10th, 1991

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Mr. Speaker, I am not sure that the definition of "principally engaged in hunting and trapping" is being applied precisely the way the honourable Member suggests; for example, by a dollar figure. However, I would like to explain that, as I understand it, the previous government had made a policy decision that there should be some limits on the definition of "principally engaged in hunting and trapping" because the previous interpretation of the policy had been that the only question that was asked, in order to determine whether a person was principally engaged in hunting and trapping for purposes of being eligible for WCB coverage, the only question that was asked was, "Does this person have a general hunting licence?" I am sure the honourable Member will agree that not every general hunting licence holder is a person who is an active hunter or trapper.

So Mr. Speaker, it was felt that there was a need to give the definition a little more precision because a completely open-ended definition could expose the government to considerable, and perhaps, open-ended kinds of financial obligations.

Mr. Speaker, I will tell the honourable Member that I am aware this issue needs to be paid attention to. I think it is also tied up with the whole question of support for hunters and trappers, which I know the Minister of Renewable Resources is also concerned about dealing with, and I will assure the honourable Member -- I am not trying to take the question as notice -- that it is an issue that I want to pursue in my connection with my new responsibilities for the WCB, but also in consultation with the Minister of Renewable Resources and perhaps other departments of our government that are concerned about this issue.

Question O3-12(1): Transporting Of Equipment To Snare Lake December 9th, 1991

I will have to take that question as notice, Mr. Speaker.

Question O2-12(1): Status Of Family Law Review Committee December 9th, 1991

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Not "Attorney General" yet; maybe not ever. Mr. Speaker, I have asked for an update on the status of the family law review. Work was interrupted last year on this project, but I am told that officials of my department are working in order to put together a final report with recommendations which will allow me to assess the next step. Once I get that report, I will keep this House informed. Thank you, Mr. Speaker.