Last in the Legislative Assembly December 1999, as MLA for North Slave

Lost his last election, in 1999, with 7% of the vote.

Statements in the House

Question 20-13(1): Funding For Workshop Re Transfer Of Edo Positions December 14th, 1995

Mr. Speaker, I would like to direct my question to the Minister of Economic Development. Mr. Speaker, the service contract the Department of Economic Development and Tourism has issued recently is for a period of four months for Rae Lakes, Lac La Martre and Snare Lakes. The communities have all indicated that there is a definite need for economic development officers in these three communities. Mr. Speaker, the department has indicated that depending on operating funds available in the last quarter of this fiscal year, they may be able to provide some funding towards a workshop with three communities going to plan the transfer of economic development officer to the communities.

Mr. Speaker, at present, the service contract is only for a short period of four months, and no consensus was reached regarding the transfer of the economic development officer position to the communities during a recent meeting held in Rae-Edzo with the department.

Mr. Speaker, I ask the Minister if the department will fund further meetings with these communities to resolve the concerns and to reach consensus on this issue before the end of the fiscal year.

Question 15-13(1): Review Of Mackenzie Highway Maintenance December 14th, 1995

Supplementary, Mr. Speaker. I understand there are plans to realign the road between Rae Edzo and Yellowknife. In order that my constituents are made aware of any plans that will effect them in that area, Mr. Speaker, I ask the Minister, does the Department of Transportation have concrete plans to rebuild this stretch of road to eliminate injuries.

Question 15-13(1): Review Of Mackenzie Highway Maintenance December 14th, 1995

Mr. Speaker, my constituency is not aware of anyone patrolling the Rae-Yellowknife highway to ensure the accidents are quickly attended or that drivers and passengers are not waiting on the highway during the cold winter months. My question to the Minister is is there a highway patrol officer in his department who regularly checks for breakdowns and maintenance on the road between Rae and Yellowknife.

Question 15-13(1): Review Of Mackenzie Highway Maintenance December 14th, 1995

Mr. Speaker, in my Member's statement, I mentioned something to do with transportation on highways. Mr. Speaker, many of us have already heard my concerns about dangerous road conditions between Rae Edzo and Yellowknife. My question to the Minister is, is he aware of the problem. Mr. Speaker, in light of the high number of accidents and fatalities on the highway between Rae Edzo and Yellowknife, my question to the Minister is will he agree to review the adequacy of the maintenance on this heavily travelled stretch of highway.

Dangerous Condition Of Mackenzie Highway December 14th, 1995

(Microphone turned off)...and the rest of my colleagues and the people of the Northwest Territories. I would like to make my Member's statement in the Dogrib language. (Translation) Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I have an opportunity to speak Dogrib; I am very grateful for that.

It was in November of last year when the then MLA for North Slave expressed his concern about the icy and dangerous conditions of the highway between Rae-Edzo and Yellowknife. Mr. Speaker, this road is still used daily by the people of Rae-Edzo, government employees and various trucking businesses. It was only last month that an employee from the Department of Health and Social Services was killed on that road. Other deaths have occurred on that highway over the years, including a mother and two children.

I and other colleagues like yourself, Mr. Speaker, have travelled on that road to meet with our constituents or to travel with our families to Yellowknife. The road can be treacherous, and I, as a Member of this House representing my constituents, do not want any more deaths or fatal accidents due to icy or treacherous conditions on that highway.

Last year, the Honourable Mr. Todd stated during the November session that the highway is one of the most heavily used in the Northwest Territories. It is due to this that I have grave concerns about the safety of those who use the highway as their only means of transportation. Mr. Todd didn't mention that out of $20 million used on highways, $9 million is spent on that highway. He used the unique global climate conditions as a contributing factor that made it difficult to maintain the highway.

Later today, I will be asking the Minister of Transportation what he is willing to do about this.

Question 6-13(1): Funding For Adult Education Program December 13th, 1995

My final supplementary, Mr. Speaker. The three isolated Dogrib communities want funds transferred to their bands to administer the adult education program for 10 months every calendar year. My communities believe that the program can be delivered at less cost and more effectively if it were transferred to the band. Would the Minister consider transferring administration of these programs directly to the bands?

Question 6-13(1): Funding For Adult Education Program December 13th, 1995

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Mr. Speaker, political leaders in the communities have registered to attend the adult education classes in their communities. The communities have agreed to have the programs only for 22 weeks, rather than opposing the short program and losing it all together. Many of my constituents are anxious to improve their education. Mr. Speaker, my question to the Minister is can he give me his assurance that that adult education program will be ongoing and part of the department's long-range plans?

Question 6-13(1): Funding For Adult Education Program December 13th, 1995

Thank you. This is regarding adult education in Snare Lake, Lac La Martre and Rae Lakes. Mr. Speaker, I have been informed by my constituents in Snare Lake, Lac La Martre and Rae Lakes that their adult education programs over the years have been delayed or limited to 22 weeks instead of a full academic year. Many adults who have registered to enter the program have been informed that adult basic education programming is more of an academic program. The other two programs are basic-skills oriented.

I have also been informed that the northern skills development program is a pilot program and it may not continue. Mr. Speaker, my question to the Minister is is he aware that his department has informed the communities that they may not be able to fund the program next year.

Question 1-13(1): Delay In Construction Of Rae Lakes Arena December 13th, 1995

Yes, it's supplementary but it's for the Department of Education, Culture and Employment.