Last in the Legislative Assembly December 1999, as MLA for North Slave

Lost his last election, in 1999, with 7% of the vote.

Statements in the House

Question 1-13(1): Delay In Construction Of Rae Lakes Arena December 13th, 1995

Mr. Speaker, Members have already heard about my serious concerns about the sudden decommitment of funds by the Department of Municipal and Community Affairs for the arena in Rae Lakes this year. This capital plan is now set back by two additional years. Is the Minister aware that the arena that was supposed to go to Rae Lakes as part of the department's capital plan was recently set back by an additional two years.

Delay In Construction Of Rae Lakes Arena December 13th, 1995

Mr. Speaker, I have been made aware of the fact that most recently the arena that was identified for Rae Lakes has been decommitted and withdrawn from the capital plan and now set back for two more years by the Department of Municipal and Community Affairs without any consultation with the community. The leaders in the community had already informed the people that they would be getting an arena based on the Department of Municipal and Community Affairs commitment to the project.

I have also been informed that the decision on the setback of the capital project for an additional two years was made during the election when there were no Ministers in place in the department. Mr. Speaker, I realize that the Minister of Municipal and Community Affairs has only recently inherited his new portfolio, but I will be asking the Minister what she will be doing about this issue later today. Thank you.

The Enforcement Of Federal Gun Control Legislation November 23rd, 1995

Mr. Speaker, I am deeply disappointed that the gun control legislation will be enforced. We, the Dogrib people, always supported the Liberal Party, ever since the Chief Jimmy Bruneau days. Other Treaty 11 Council members and the chiefs lobbied against this legislation. I am concerned how this will affect our traditional hunts. These community hunts provided food for the families of the Dogrib communities. How will the act be implemented and enforced? I know there are many non-aboriginal people who also hunt caribou and moose to feed their families. They are also affected by the gun control legislation, just as we are.

It is our honour that while this has occurred, Canada won its fight to stop the European union from banning Canadian fur imports. I am disappointed that gun control legislation was not given the same fight for the trappers and hunters in the North and other parts of Canada.

The decision made by the powers that be in Ottawa threatens to make a contribution towards us losing our traditional way of life, as aboriginals in the North, and hunting for non-aboriginals from all walks of life, who have hunted for their families as well. They are taking our guns, our traps and our furs. Thank you.


Item 7: Recognition Of Visitors In The Gallery November 22nd, 1995

Mr. Speaker, I would like to recognize a famous person from our community who we are very proud of. He has served us as a mayor, and I think I have been a deputy mayor under him since last December or whatever. I would like to recognize the Deputy Commissioner, Dan Marion, in the gallery.


Appreciation To Constituents And Interest In Committee Work November 22nd, 1995

Mr. Speaker...(English not provided)...opening remarks. I would like to thank the people of the North Slave riding to elect me back here again after being absent for the last 20 years. I served in the Legislature back in 1970 to 1975. When I first ran back then, I guess I promised them that I would be speaking my own native language to make my opening remarks. I did that back then when we never used

interpreters at that time, but I was fortunate enough to speak my own native language just for brief moments at that time.

Now I would like to do that again, and these are just my own written comments that I would like to make regarding congratulating the new Premier and the outgoing Premier who served for many years and who had a good relationship with the Dogrib people within my constituency. Certainly, like the rest of my colleagues, I would like to congratulate Sam on being re-elected to the Speaker's Chair again, and also the new Cabinet Ministers being selected to this Assembly. I was fortunate enough to be one of the Members to be able to elect the Premier. How I voted was because the people within my riding wanted me to vote for a particular person that they wanted to be voted in. Including the Cabinet Ministers, I think I did the very same thing too because I promised them that I would be able to vote for the Cabinet Ministers of their choice. I don't think they got them all in there, but I think they got the majority of people who they wanted on the Cabinet. I think they all got voted in.

Now I would like to make that brief remark in my own native language.

(Translation) I wish to thank the four Dogrib communities for having elected me as their MLA for the next three and a half years. Today, we are to express our interest in various committees. I am very much interested in sitting on the Standing Committee on Resource Management and Development. I would have the opportunity to focus on economic development programs and services. We are interested in delivering and initiating our own economic development programs in all four of our communities. This would enable us to exercise independence financially in the long term.

We have interest in renewable resource programs. Forest fires and their effect on our land and animals have become serious issues for us because it affects our ability to hunt and trap. We would like to find ways to reduce forest fires in our area.

I am also interested in sitting on the Standing Committee on Infrastructure. I am interested in examining policies, administration and expenditures in the departments, and reviewing the performance of the departments. We want to ensure that departments are delivering the programs and services equitably across the Northwest Territories, that expenditures do not exceed costs allocated, and that a deficit does not accompany division of the Territories.

I have a high interest in who is getting hired, not only in the North, but in my area. I don't know two people who got hired from outside the Territories who have retired in my Dogrib area.

I'm interested in safety in the workplace. Transportation is another concern we have. The road between Rae-Edzo and Yellowknife has taken many lives over the years. Mining is an area of concern for our people. There is much discussion about benefit packages and the affirmative action hiring policy, but then BHP does not expect that an aboriginal person can be a senior manager within a period of 10 years.

I'm interested in sitting on the Standing Committee on Government Operations. I'm interested in those issues that have a broad impact, government wide. I'm interested in the budget and fiscal framework of all departments and other related public boards and agencies. I'm interested and want to be part of the operation that ensures that this government abides by the Deficit Elimination Act. This act is supposed to come into force April 1, 1996, and the budget is supposed to remain balanced for three years. I don't want this government to force a deficit on the two new governments when division takes place.