Last in the Legislative Assembly February 1995, as MLA for Aivilik

Won his last election, in 1991, with 35% of the vote.

Statements in the House

Question O98-12(1): Building Of Breakwaters In Communities December 13th, 1991

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. My question is directed to the Minister of Transportation. The new government stated that they will be working hard to have the communities become more self-sufficient. That means giving better assistance to the first-time private entrepreneurs. Mr. Speaker, would that also include building a breakwater? The boats are one of the biggest single private investments in the community, especially in Coral Harbour I would ask if the Minister would look into that before break-up this summer.

Question O96-12(1): Funding For Educational Boards December 13th, 1991

(Translation) Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I have a question, but I think it has already been answered. We just heard that the funding will not be changed in the fiscal year. There has been a concern with regard to education committees in the communities, particularly in the Baffin Region. They would like to have some funding for Inuktitut programs. They have been utilizing the money handed to them. They have all kinds of things in the offices that the money has to be put into. Thank you, Mr. Speaker. This is more like a comment.

Item 18: Report Of Committee Of The Whole December 12th, 1991

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Mr. Speaker, your committee has been considering Committee Report 1-12(1) and Committee Report 2-12(1), and wishes to report that Committee Report 1-12(1) and Committee Report 2-12(1) are concluded, with five motions being adopted. Mr. Speaker, I move that the report of the chairman of the committee of the whole be concurred with.

Motion 23-12(1): Walk-in Freezer For Kakisa December 12th, 1991

I will try to articulate as well as my colleague, Mr. Pudluk. We had an understanding that we would have a fair and equal discussion through our standing committee on finance and through other means such as committee of the whole. What are the regional and community priorities? I certainly will be talking to MLAs from the Keewatin on our regional needs and commonalities, to prevent unfair distribution of capital funds. In this consensus government we have to be very careful in all the regions, all the communities, that some are not left out or some get too much. That is why we have regional disparity even in our own riding, the Keewatin. To prevent this from happening, this amendment is necessary. Thank you, Mr. Speaker.

Question O81-12(1): Funding For Cultural Inclusion Programs December 12th, 1991

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. When the review of this department becomes available, will he be tabling it in the House?

Question O81-12(1): Funding For Cultural Inclusion Programs December 12th, 1991

(Translation) Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I would like to direct my question to the Minister of Education. He is also the Minister of Culture and Communications. This is in regard to the funding given to education. He is aware that with education we deal with mathematics and language. Funding is given to education, and for the cultural inclusion programs, I think they are given a lower amount of funding. Will this be increased later on?

Question O69-12(1): Investigation Into Awarding Of Petroleum Delivery Contracts December 12th, 1991

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Mr. Speaker, my question is to the Government Leader. On August 23, at a public meeting in Hay River, the 11th Assembly's standing committee on finance asked the Executive Council to immediately initiate an independent investigation into the awarding of petroleum delivery contracts. Subsequently, the former Government Leader announced that a consultant, Ben Anderson, had been retained to investigate this matter. Mr. Speaker, will the Government Leader please advise the House regarding the status of Mr. Anderson's investigation?

Motion 19-12(1): Construction Of Community Centre For Kakisa December 11th, 1991

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Correct me if I am out of order because I am new in this House, but I would like to know if the mover knows, before the other Members of this House, the exact capital budget already in place for Inuvik Region, Baffin Region, Keewatin Region, and also the priorities for consideration for different communities who may also urgently need that kind of facility? I am not saying I am against this motion, but the timing has to be very important in this case. We have had no discussion -- we call ourselves Members of the House in consensus government and after sitting for one week here we start making motions about building this here and building this there, without any consideration for the overall requirements for capital plans.

I cannot find myself blindly supporting spending the taxpayers' money without considering other avenues to go with. Perhaps in the budget session we will have that opportunity to sit down with Mr. Gargan and the rest of the Members of the House and try to determine what community most urgently needs things. Maybe it is the Member's community, but I have no way of finding that out.

Item 9: Petitions December 11th, 1991

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I wish to present Petition 1-12(1) to this House on behalf of the residents of Chesterfield Inlet. Mr. Speaker, the petition is signed by 167 people and requests that the RCMP place a full-time officer in Chesterfield Inlet. The hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet currently has a by-law officer. However, the by-law officer is ineffective and cannot properly deal with all related problems. Mr. Speaker, I support this petition and urge this House to give the same support. Thank you, Mr. Speaker.

Question O46-12(1): Simultaneous Translation In The Courts December 11th, 1991

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. My question is directed to the Minister of Justice. As we know, time is expensive. I know it is expensive for the lawyers and the judges, extremely expensive, but it is also expensive to have a plane sitting in the communities when it is a charter.

The present court system in the Northwest Territories has to use a language of the accused or the defendant, and we do not utilize simultaneous translation in those court parties. It is a consecutive translation and takes a lot of time to relay the message to the accused or defendant, or to the jury. That is now being practised also in some communities. When will the Justice Minister utilize the simultaneous translation services in the courts? Thank you, Mr. Speaker.