Last in the Legislative Assembly September 1995, as MLA for Baffin South

Lost his last election, in 1995, with 10% of the vote.

Statements in the House

Ministers' Statement 2-12(1): And Tabled Document 3-12(1) December 10th, 1991

(Translation) I have not yet read this report. Today is the first time I was able to read the report. These are just my general comments, and later on, as I read it more deeply, I will have further comments.

I also have concerns about what the government is going to be able to do in the communities. Regarding "Strength at Two Levels," as MLAs we represent the communities. If we are not clear on how our government is going and how the programs are going, I also have this concern. We will have to be very careful how we are going to represent our communities and their concerns. I would also like to read "Strength at Two Levels," and there is no doubt that I will be involved as we progress though this report.

I just wanted to make general comments at this time, and I will pay attention and read the report further. I understand what has been discussed today, as we discussed the report, but I have not read it thoroughly. Therefore, I just have general comments at this time. Thank you.