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Crucial Fact

  • Her favourite word was hay.
Historical Information Jane Groenewegen is no longer a member of the Legislative Assembly.

Last in the Legislative Assembly November 2015, as MLA for Hay River South

Lost her last election, in 2015, with 35% of the vote.

Statements in the House

Item 5: Recognition Of Visitors In The Gallery May 7th, 1996

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I would like to recognize Lydia Bardak today, the executive director of the NWT Council for Disabled Persons.

--- Applause

Mlas' Salaries And Benefits Packages May 7th, 1996

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. With respect to VTAs, MLAs are no longer eligible for them and we now fall under the same guidelines as the Hay Plan employees of the government.

The report on MLAs' compensation was tabled in the House and it was taken into Committee of the Whole and it was debated briefly. However, judging by the letters that I've received from my constituents, they would like to see further debate of all 43 recommendations line by line.

Although MLAs may feel that we have done our part in taking the seven per cent reduction and abolishing the supplementary pension, it's clear to me that the impact of this initiative has been overshadowed by the decision to defer the debate on the broader issue of process. For that reason and in the interests of public and accountable government, I would like to go on record as supporting a full and public debate on the report on MLAs' compensation. I will be attempting to retable the report on MLA compensation today, and will be giving notice of a motion to move it into Committee of the Whole. Thank you.

Mlas' Salaries And Benefits Packages May 7th, 1996

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I would like to address a subject today in my Member's statement which seems to be surrounded by a considerable amount of controversy. I know that I and probably just about every Member elected to this Assembly campaigned for election on a promise of open and accountable government. I made a commitment to the electorate of Hay River that I would support the abolishment of the lucrative three per cent supplementary MLA pension plan. I also committed to support rolling back MLAs' compensation and benefits to the same extent that we would expect our public service sector to accept.

In the new Members' zeal to show good faith in this matter, we did what some thought was a noble thing. - was personally of the opinion that we could revamp our own pay and benefits package without spending on a costly commission. However, the commission's report turned out to be more than we had bargained for and anticipated. The terms of reference and mandate given to the commission were very broad. As a result, 43 fairly-sweeping recommendations came forward. They mostly addressed the process by which MLAs are compensated, as opposed to the amount they are paid. The overall cost of the recommended package is not significantly greater than the old, with the exception of the major saving from the pension program change.

With the pressing issues of the budget planning and negotiations with the various unions upon us, rather than delving into the pros and cons of raising base salaries and deleting indemnities, versus keeping base salaries and indemnities separate, at cetera, we agreed that this was not the appropriate time to undertake a complete overhauling of the process by which MLAs are compensated. Thus, we returned to our original intent, which was to do away with the supplementary pension and roll back salaries and indemnities, and we did this. Unfortunately, the per them we are paid to live outside of our constituencies is not deemed to be an indemnity; but rather an allowance to cover expenditures related to living away from home. This is indexed and, effective April 1st, went up by 2.1 per cent. 1, personally, thought that the seven per cent reduction covered everything: salaries, indemnities and allowances. In respect to this cost-of-living index increase, I support it being reduced by seven per cent from the 1995 rate.

Mr. Speaker, I seek unanimous consent to complete my Member's statement.

Question 174-13(3):uncertainty Regarding GNWT Procurement Policies May 6th, 1996

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. In view of that support, does this government feel any responsibility towards these businesses that had been established, by giving them fair and equal opportunity to bid on the supply of all northern contracts?

Question 174-13(3):uncertainty Regarding GNWT Procurement Policies May 6th, 1996

Did and does this government encourage private sector development, specifically in the area of manufacturing?

Question 174-13(3):uncertainty Regarding GNWT Procurement Policies May 6th, 1996

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. In my Member's statement yesterday, I expressed that we cannot expect the private sector to confidently invest in expansion and job creation when the rules are not clear on the government's procurement policies. Due to the uncertainty created by the proposed changes to the business incentive

policy, community block funding and procurement articles in settlement agreements, there has been uncertainty created. The businesses in Hay River, in particular, have collectively invested millions of dollars in developing manufacturing ventures and job creation. This was partially in response to initiatives of this government to encourage import substitution. What steps is this government taking to protect the interests of this significant manufacturing base that has been established in my riding? Thank you.

Question 165-13(3): Effect Of Block Funding On Procurement Policies May 5th, 1996

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I think everyone agrees that economic growth and community development go hand in hand, and if the government is going to lessen the people's dependence on government through our social programs, our economy must grow. The incentives that this government has developed to create economic growth are administered by this government. Are the same procurement policies of the GNWT going to be adhered to by communities when they assume responsibility via block funding? I would imagine that question would go to Mr. Kakfwi. being responsible for Economic Development and Tourism.

Question 160-13(3): Status Of Training For Community Empowerment May 5th, 1996

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Would it be possible for the Minister to provide to the House prototypes of the training packages and the types of training that will be available to the communities? It will be interesting to see what is included.

Question 160-13(3): Status Of Training For Community Empowerment May 5th, 1996

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. With respect to my Member's statement today, one of the key elements of community empowerment is training. I would like to direct my question to the Minister responsible for community empowerment; the Minister of Municipal and Community Affairs. There has been a lot of concern raised about the ability of the leaders at the community level to deal with the transfer initiatives. In our community particularly, it was raised with respect to seeing their budgets out of a deficit situation. If there is a program, we should all take that one. I wonder if she could update the House on the status and nature of any proposed or currently under way training to prepare community leaders and work this further transfer of responsibility. Thank you.

Community Empowerment May 5th, 1996

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. It's a statistical fact that 70 per cent of investment for expansion in the small business sector comes from within the established business community. I don't think we can expect this investment should confidently take place when northerners cannot see clearly how community empowerment affects them.

In the end, community empowerment is the only alternative. Not only is colonialism detrimental to the development of the people, it is no longer affordable. The expertise and knowledge is there at the community level; it needs to be developed. There will be growing pains and mistakes made. That will be the role of this central government: to keep the checks and balances in place that will create confidence as we proceed in this new direction. Thank you.