Last in the Legislative Assembly February 1995, as MLA for Aivilik

Won his last election, in 1991, with 35% of the vote.

Statements in the House

Federal Funding Cuts To Language Programs October 19th, 1994

(Translation) Thank you, Madam Speaker. Thank you, Members. If it is the position of this government that the office that is supposed to protect language rights and services is actually negatively affecting it, what further action are they considering?

As I said before, Madam Speaker, I am worried about our language funding. I hope that the previous funding levels may, at some point, be restored. Thank you, Madam Speaker.

Federal Funding Cuts To Language Programs October 19th, 1994

(Translation) I am deeply concerned about the impending cuts to our language programs through our funding agreements with the federal government. I am very disappointed that this government has not been able to

convince the federal government that more money is needed in this area, not less.

What bothers me also is the fact that the Minister of Education, Culture and Employment appears to be trying to shift part of the responsibility of the cuts to the NWT Languages Commission. I quote from his remarks to the Keewatin Divisional Board of Education last September, "A lot of it came as a result of criticism from our Languages Commissioner, who appeared before the Assembly and said we were not spending our money."

Several questions come to mind about this whole issue. For example, if, as the Minister says, the federal government used the Languages Commissioner's report to argue for cut; what was happening to the annual accounting of languages money that was supposed to be submitted to the federal government? If this accounting occurred, wouldn't the federal government already have been aware that some funds were being lapsed?

If it is the position of this government...Madam Speaker, I seek unanimous consent to proceed with my statement.

Committee Motion 22-12(6): To Adopt Recommendation 1, Carried October 17th, 1994

Thank you, Mr. Chairman. I have not been participating in SCOL as an alternate Member, or in any other form. I have just been watching very carefully where this would go. I was the Minister at the time when the initiative for dividing Arctic College and the amalgamation of the Science Institute occurred.

I find the committee's report on the bill repealing the Science Institute Act weak. I read in more in the vein of "what if" all the way through. The committee is concerned that the college's priority of education and training could be overshadowed by the Science Institute. It doesn't have to. And any other argument they have made in there doesn't mean what they are concerned about will happen.

How I read the committee report is that there is not enough production by the Science Institute under this forum. If there is good management established for both the Arctic College and the Science Institute, then the committee's concerns about the Science Institute's being overshadowed will not occur. I would have appreciated a stronger feeling on the issue, and that a more tangible argument would have been put forth.

It is well-written, but I find the reasoning and the arguments weak, Mr. Chairman. Along that line, there seems to be more nit-picking than solid arguments for why this bill should not be supported in its present form. I find it weak. Qujannamiik.

Item 14: Tabling Of Documents October 17th, 1994

(Translation) Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I would like to table the following document: Tabled Document 32-12(6), transcript of a statement by Richard Nerysoo, Minister of Education, Culture and Employment, to the Keewatin Divisional Health Board, in Rankin Inlet, September 27 to 29, 1994, regarding language agreement funding cuts. Thank you.

Committee Motion 21-12(6): To Delete Clause 74 Of Bill 6, Defeated October 14th, 1994

(Translation) Mr. Chairman, I don't have to read the motion again. Thank you, Mr. Chairman. The motion I moved has different reasons, but I would like to say at the beginning that I'm not against this act, Bill 6, and it's very useful, but we don't have to do it in a hurry. It doesn't have to become law right away. The present Legislative Assembly has said many times that this particular act has been dealt with a number of times before. I feel that this act might create problems with some people in the territories, especially the Nunavut area. This act will come into effect before 1999. It will be enforced in 1996. We don't be able to change it and especially the Nunavut people will not be able to change the act.

We all know that whenever an act is enforced, it's very hard to make amendments to it. We all know, Mr. Chairman, and somebody has mentioned it already -- that if the Nunavut people don't like it, we could delete it. It's easier said than done. You can't make amendments to an act after it's been enforced.

Another reason that I have for producing this motion is the government, during the budget session, mentioned that this year and in following years, they will not be spending any money on programs that are not necessary. It seems Bill 6 could be enforced and it's not necessary to be used at the present time.

Also, I would like to say, in conclusion, that Bill 6 is very complicated and it has 74 sections and it was very difficult to deal with, as we found out. It's going to be very difficult to be understood by ordinary people. Also, I believe Mr. Gargan had a private Member's bill with regards to access to information. It doesn't really coincide with the act Mr. Gargan originally wanted to introduce. I feel that Mr. Gargan's private Member's bill was directed to the people and it was not set up by the government.

I'm not saying that I'm against the particular bill, but I just want the Nunavut people to be able to have an opportunity to look at the legislation because there are a lot of things that need to be dealt with before the Nunavut government comes into effect. Especially, because there is a lot of territorial legislation in place at the present time.

This particular bill will have to be followed by the people of Nunavut. They're going to try to find out how clause 7 affects them. Some people are going to be asking how come you Nunavut MLAs are agreeing with this certain legislation and I won't be able to argue with them. I'm just trying to say let's give it a try and enforce it on December 31, 1999. Thank you.

Committee Motion 21-12(6): To Delete Clause 74 Of Bill 6, Defeated October 14th, 1994

Mr. Chairman, I have my copy, but I don't have other copies, nor is it translated.

Committee Motion 21-12(6): To Delete Clause 74 Of Bill 6, Defeated October 14th, 1994

Thank you, Mr. Chairman. I move that Bill 6 be amended by deleting clause 74 and substituting the following: "This act comes into force except subsection 4(2) on December 31, 1999."

Committee Motion 20-12(6): To Amend Clause 7, Carried October 14th, 1994

Thank you, Mr. Chairman. My motion will be to amend the bill by deleting clause 74 and replacing it, Mr. Chairman.

Committee Motion 20-12(6): To Amend Clause 7, Carried October 14th, 1994

Do you want me to stand up?


Mr. Chairman, I need your direction before I proceed with this. I am planning to make a motion, Mr. Chairman, but can this motion be debated at this time?

Committee Motion 20-12(6): To Amend Clause 7, Carried October 14th, 1994

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.