Below is information on all of the different roles Michael McLeod has had while in the Legislative Assembly. Information includes committees they sat on (and they role held), Cabinet portfolios, and other roles in the Assembly.


District Assembly Start Date End Date
Deh Cho 14th Assembly 1999.12.06 2003.11.24
Deh Cho 15th Assembly 2003.11.24 2007.09.03
Deh Cho 16th Assembly 2007.10.01 2011.10.02


Start Date End Date
15th Assembly
  Minister Without Portfolio 2003.12.11 2003.12.15
  Minister Responsible for the NWT Housing Corporation 2003.12.15 2004.06.02
  Minister of Transportation 2003.12.15 2006.10.26
  Minister Responsible for Youth 2003.12.15 2007.10.18
  Minister of Municipal and Community Affairs 2004.06.02 2007.10.18
  Minister Responsible for the Public Utilities Board 2005.03.16 2006.10.26
  Minister of Environment and Natural Resources 2006.10.26 2007.10.18
16th Assembly
  Minister Without Portfolio 2007.10.18 2007.10.22
  Minister Responsible for Youth 2007.10.22 2008.06.30
  Minister of Municipal and Community Affairs 2007.10.22 2008.06.30
  Minister of Public Works and Services 2007.10.22 2011.10.27
  Minister Responsible for the NWT Housing Corporation 2008.06.30 2009.08.31
  Minister of Transportation 2008.06.30 2011.10.27


Type District Election Date Result
General Election Deh Cho 1999.12.06 Elected
General Election Deh Cho 2003.11.24 Re-Elected
General Election Deh Cho 2007.10.01 Acclaimed
General Election Deh Cho 2011.10.03 Defeated
* Please note that this information has been sourced from a variety of sources including the Assembly's published Session Indexes, news media, election reports and others. The Session Indexes were available digitally from 1999 until 2012, and are no longer produced.